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For Sale
Live Steam Train
Maine Two-Footer

- 7 1/2” gauge -
- 2-6-2 Coal Fired Engine -
- 1/3 Narrow Gauge Scale -
- Tender -
- Tank Car -
- Wood Side Gondola -
- 3 Passenger Cars -

We hate to sell this train full of character, especially this big, magnificent, over-built engine style after a Maine Two-Footer, but unfortunately we are not using it enough and it needs to go to a good home or club that will be able to run it more. It is one-of-a-kind engine that really conveys the power of Live Steam. We are asking $35,000 for the engine, tender and 5 cars. In 2004, we paid nearly double that.

Down load a PDF brochure here...

  • Built in the 1980’s by Jim Starrett in Missouri

  • Boiler rebuilt in 2004 ( wall thickness)

  • Last Hydro-test: April 2006 (to 250 PSI)

  • Hours since rebuild: 8 Hrs

  • Configuration 2-6-2

  • Weight approx 3000 lbs for Engine, 450 lbs for cars

  • 28” wide at the cab

  • Available for demonstration in Columbus, Ohio

Note: The engine is in good running order, but needs cosmetic work including woodwork for the cab and the passenger cars because of some moisture damage. This is a heavy-built train and originally ran on oversized, 1 1/4 aluminum rail. We can supply a few sections of the original rail but most of it is installed. We suggest steel because of the engine’s weight. The wheel flanges are heavy duty and may not roll through standard, pre-built 7.5 gauge switches without modification to the switch or the turning down wheel flanges. The couplings are also bigger than typical 7.5 gauge and higher off the track.

For more information, call 614-324-5959 and ask for Ted
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The Depot - 921 Old Henderson Rd. Columbus, OH 43220 - 614 . 324 . 5930